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"Show listings"

"Mon-Fri Blueline Open Readings"
9am - 12 noon

"Mothers Day Performance"
April 19th  3:00PM  Paramount Park


"Shades Of Africa"
Saturdays - 7PM



Today's teens and young adults are looking for a new generation to satisfy their lust for music. Just as the new administration in Washington brings new hope to our young people, this new sound must both mirror their lives while driving them to achieve new heights.  

  A sound that delivers a biting message without the anger of the past. A sound that both provokes and lifts the spirit. A sound that forces its audience to its feet in a release of energy, enthusiasm and ecstasy.
  So Mr. Williams (Self Management/Unsigned)  proudly presents the sound of the next wave of young hip hop/pop/R&B the sound of the youth YnG RobB.
  Yng Robb is a leader in this new generation. With a story of overcoming hardship with hard work and faith, Yng Robb brings a new energy and vitality to a genre desperately in need of young blood, optimism and a different sound.
  As you listen to the enclosed CD, imagine the reaction of a young audience thrilling to this hot new sound with lyrics their parents can listen to!  But there is nothing tame about Yng Robb, who has a story to tell a story of hope, achievement and rising above desperate times.
  Read his story, listen to his music and plan your next event with Yng Robb as a cool alternative on a hot summer's night.
  Looking forward to knowing what you think.





                               YnG RobB - NO TIME FOR ERROR

                           ***NEW HIT SINGLE***





YnG RobB - Speedin' On My Fixie



YnG RobB: I Really Didnt Like This  Video Due to It Not Having Enough Speeding On My Fixie Shots... I Would Have loved if it had more shots of me riding the bike but its Ok... I will Be Re-Recording this Video So Get The Fixie's Ready!!!...

                                                                                -YnG RobB

     P.s..: Thanks Again for All Tha support For the Video anyway!!! 



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