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Robert Williams Is A Born Leader with the ability to motivate others with his words of poetry. He has come up with a great way to share his motivational words with people in need of an encouraging message within the inner city of Los Angeles.

Robert has created many well designed 8x10 Glossy Full Color Card-stock greeting cards. Its Included with a motivational poem to keep someone lifted in need of a uplifting word. Robert has been sharing his poetry within the inner city and encouraging many people in need of inspirational poetry. GoFundMe.Com/ThePoet is a new way of supporting his poetry & helping Robert Williams fund his Poems Online by leaving a donation & Sharing his videos with a friend of family member in need of some encourgement.

You can make a donation now for a Poem & also receive a few autographed poems Via mail with a small contribution. Just Please Leave a Donation Below & the poems will be sent to you within 3-5 Business Days. So thank you again for your donation an tuning in to be apart of history in the making!.. #iSupportYnG 

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Long Beach, California, native YnG RobB born Robert D. Williams in 1986. He spent much of his childhood in with his grandmother in Las Vegas NV. With his great ability to remember songs at such a young age It was clear that he was destined for a successful career in the music industry.


YnG RobB's path to the stage has been peppered with challenges along the way, however. The death of his big brother Dion when he was only 4 years old, still till this day left a scar in the young mans heart that to this day has not fully healed. Difficulty adjusting to high school life he found himself turning to the gangster culture of drugs and violence as his way of coping with his daily problems. By the time he was 18, Robert knew that the wages of his life of guns and drugs would be death, so he decided to change his life and use his talents to rap to tell his story and give hope to others considering walking the wrong paths in life.
Faithful to his church and committed to his schoolwork, YnG RobB emulates such heroes as Run-DMC, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and others who have turned their lives around.


YnG RobB is currently appearing at various events around Southern California and aspires to bring hope and joy to others facing hard choices in their lives.


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